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The 1995 5 new peso ‘Proof’ coin that sells for 3,400 pesos

Mexico – You don’t know the treasure you could have in the bags of some pants, in a drawer or “lost” somewhere in your house, since old coins are the object of desire among collectors and hobbyists, who are willing to pay large amounts for unique pieces in good condition.

We recently shared with you the case of the 50-cent coin with an error in its minting date or the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz coin that is priced at up to 5,500 pesos; well, now we tell you about the coin of 5 new pesos (N $) whose price in Free market it’s crazy.

Coin of 5 new pesos for more than 3,000 pesos

In the famous e-commerce portal a 5 new peso coin is for sale at 3,374 pesos! It was minted in 1995, belongs to the immaculate set and has graduation Proof.

What is a Proof coin?

In 1995, they were minted 6 thousand 981 pieces in grade Proof of the coins of 5 new pesos. Their main characteristic is that they are only in collectible sets issued by the Bank of Mexico, hence their price is significantly higher.

They are kept in an acrylic case to avoid damage with everyday use or ambient conditions. It weighs 7.07 grams and measures 2.55 centimeters.​

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