The 2 similarities between Lucifer and Tom Ellis that you didn’t notice

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After his failed stint on Fox and his arrival on Netflix, Lucifer became a huge worldwide hit. With Tom Ellis As the protagonist, the story of the most rebellious son of God, which already has five seasons available on the platform, is one of the most watched series globally not only because of the acting level of the cast, but also because of the set design, the plot that is out of the ordinary and, in turn, the combination of humor, drama and action.

Although there is still one more edition to be released, which ended its filming a month ago, Lucifer is coming to an end. The sixth will be the last part and, therefore, Tom Ellis He came to say goodbye to the character that catapulted him to international fame, very excited and thanking the opportunity that the streaming giant gave him when choosing the series he starred in to save it from the abyss.

However, the arrival of the new chapters is still missing and, to lessen the wait for the fans, from Spoiler we are going to highlight the two similarities between the character and the actor. It is that, beyond being the same person, Lucifer and Ellis have more in common than you might imagine, and you probably overlooked it during the strip. Know what they are.

The 2 similarities between Lucifer and Tom Ellis.

1. They both have a twin brother:

From the first part of the fifth season, Lucifer he sees his life complicated from hell. Is that, his twin brother Miguel comes down from heaven to try to appropriate his identity on earth. Although, it should be clarified that both Lucifer and the archangel Michael are played by the same actor, Tom Ellis, with a unique difference in each one: a mark on the face.

Tom Ellis and his twin sister.

And, as for Ellis, he in real life also has a person just like him: his twin sister, Lucy Ellis. Although she is not known worldwide, she is part of the actor’s family and, of course, they are the same age.

2. The nickname of Lucifer and Tom Ellis’s sister:

When Amenadiel comes to the life of Lucifer, a nickname of the devil comes to light: Lucy. Both he and the rest of the celestial members that appear in the series choose to say this nickname to the protagonist. However, it is not an unknown nickname for him: well, it is the full name of, precisely, his twin sister.

Amenadiel was the first to tell Lucifer about Lucy.  Photo: (IMDB)

Amenadiel was the first to tell Lucifer about Lucy. Photo: (IMDB)


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