The 26-year-old who went from sleeping in his car to becoming a millionaire businessman

Through social networks, all kinds of stories are usually shared that serve to illustrate success stories and personal improvement; however, it is very likely that none resembles that of Mauro Stendel, a 26-year-old who seems to have lived many lives in one. This Argentine, who currently resides in Texas, USA, went from sleeping in a car to becoming a prosperous businessman. Recently, he shared the keys to his success and left an important message for young people to continue to imitate his footsteps.

Mauro Stendel He was born in Caballito, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires where he spent most of his adolescence. At 17, he left his country seeking new opportunities and came to Israel seeking to fulfill his goal of joining a “Secret Army Unit.”

The challenge was great. Not only was there the fact that admission was not easy, because thousands of people show up for the call. What’s more, there was the difficulty that Mauro was a foreigner and did not know the language.

During his stay in the Middle Eastern country, he lived in a kibbutz, where he worked in exchange for housing and food. In the meantime, focused on learning Hebrew while preparing physically and mentally.

“The demands were numerous, in addition to undergoing the rigorous training of the Service, I had to learn technical vocabulary in Hebrew and take difficult exams. I prepared myself, my life for months consisted of studying at night, and then getting up at 5 AM to train and be able to face the very hard endurance tests “, said.

His efforts ended up bearing fruit as he passed the different stages until he ended up among the 25 soldiers chosen to carry out special missions. He was also selected to be part of “Duvdevan”, the elite special forces unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Stendel, considered a hero in Israeli lands, completed more than 50 missions and speaks fluent Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and English. Shortly after he graduated, the State of Israel brought his mother to that country so that they could meet again.

After physical and mental exhaustion, he decided to end his life as an elite soldier to travel to New York, United States, but there was a problem: he had only $ 500 in his pocket. “I had big dreams and goals to fulfill”he exclaimed.

In March 2018, they loaned him an abandoned house in Brooklyn and bought an inflatable mattress for $ 60. Plus, she set aside $ 20 to eat per week.

“I would train and at dawn I would go to the gym to bathe – which was $ 10 a month – because I didn’t have a home. At night he slept in a car, without anyone knowing “, he counted.

In a difficult time when he ran out of money, he worked as a construction manager for two weeks during a harsh winter with 5 degrees below zero. “I raised 1000 dollars and went back to the car to continue trying to create my own business”.

Despite his difficult financial situation, which he did not reveal to anyone, he was invited to conferences to tell about his experience in the special unit of the Israeli army. Although he slept in a car, he was clear that he wanted to achieve his goals and that ingenuity, at times, would be quite useful.

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