The 3 emojis you should not use to flirt and the 5 favorite emojis in the world

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In 1995, Shigetaka Kurita created for the mobile internet platform of NTT DoCoMo a heart-shaped symbol among the mobile options Pocket Bell. And given its enormous reception, this led Kurita to seek ideas among symbols and elements of Japanese culture such as Kanji or manga to develop a set of 176 characters, thus the first ones were born. emojis, ideograms or characters used in electronic messages and websites, particularly in messaging applications and other social networks.

And it is that nothing better than an emoji, that just last 2020 turned 25 years old, to instantly express how we feel without having to use words.

Top 5 favorite emojis in the world

On the occasion a few days ago World Emoji Day, Adobe has released its Global Emoji Trends Report 2021, in which it has surveyed 7,000 people from different countries – and continents – such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and South Korea to see the impact of emojis on digital communication and the creation of links.

According to the report, the top five emotions that users express through emojis are love, sadness, anger, and surprise. And in the Top 5 of the most loved and used emojis we have:

– The smiley face with tear

– Thumb up

– The red heart

– The face giving a kiss with a wink and little heart

– The sad face with a tear

Other interesting results of the survey are that:

88% of global users are more likely to feel empathy towards someone who uses an emoji

89% of users agree that emojis facilitate communication across language barriers

60% of users say they are more likely to open an email or a push notification that contains an emoji.


Watch out for these flirting emojis

For Paul D. Hunt, a type designer at Adobe and one of the company’s representatives in the Unicode consortium, empathy is the most important aspect of communication, something that transcends language and allows you to fully understand what the other person wants to say. Y in this post does a whole study of the use of emojis and the responses they provoke in communications and conversations between people.

And one of its sections is about the flirtation / flirtation in the networks, empowered to the stratosphere in the days of closure of the pandemic in 2020. The survey indicates the Top 3 of the best and worst emojis that you can use in that situation to start or charge yourself an opportunity, the 3 worst being also emojis “most misunderstood in the world “:


Top 3 emojis that make you nicer

1- The face giving a kiss with a wink and little heart

2- The smiling face with 3 little hearts

3- The smiling face with hearts in the eyes

Top 3 emojis that make you less likeable

1- the eggplant

2- The peach

3- The face with expression of madness / party sticking out the tongue

More than half of global emoji users feel more comfortable expressing their emotions through emojis that in telephone conversations (55%) and that in conversations in person (51%).

As Hunt points out, emojis give us the opportunity to stop and choose an appropriate image to convey how we feel and how we hope the other party will feel. Even more than half of the users (55%) agree that the use of emojis in communications.


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