The 4 magical places of northern Argentina

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Thanks to its vast extension, the Argentina has very diverse landscapes, many of them amazing. From beach and sea to mountains and snow, our country is home to tourist destinations capable of capturing the attention of almost any taste.

For this reason, tourism in Argentina is made up of both international visitors as for the internal movement from different provinces, which results in thousands of people touring the country. Given the continuous decline in COVID-19 cases, everyone is excited that the tourism dynamics will once again work at pre-pandemic levels.

One of the regions that grows year by year in number of visitors is the north argentine. Characterized by its mountainous landscapes and its typical foods, it is one of the areas of the country most chosen by foreigners.

There are many places in the NOA that you have to visit but Shopping Travel highlights those you consider 4 magical destinations that cannot be missed in the itinerary:

Seclantás: the cradle of the Salteño poncho

Located in Jump, on the banks of the Calchaquí River, the “magical value” of Seclantás lies in being the place where the Salteño poncho is traditionally woven, the garment that symbolizes the history and tradition of an entire people. Through it, the artisan textile work on an ancestral loom has been valued and, shortly, it is planned to open an interpretive open-air museum.

Salinas Grandes: the white desert

Salinas Grandes is a salt desert located in Jujuy. In front of this dazzling white immensity, which covers an area of ​​212 square kilometers in the Cochinoca department, the visitor will be dazzled not only by the extension, but by the unique character of this white desert made from a 30 centimeter thick crust of salt.

Archaeological sites: the journey to the origins

The Calchaquíes valleys they were a key scenario for the native peoples. That is why their rich traditions are still preserved. Traveling to those areas located mainly in Tucumán allows you to go back in time and feel part of these works of art.

San Antonio de los Cobres: a journey through the clouds

Its “magical value” resides in its history linked to the construction of Branch C14 that communicates the North of Argentina with the Republic of Chile and where the famous “Train to the Clouds” passes. During the trip, you can find the La Polvorilla Viaduct, the most outstanding tourist attraction of the journey.

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