The 4 most striking continuity errors Marvel movies

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Bringing cinematic life to Stan Lee’s comics, Marvel established itself as one of the largest and most important studios in Hollywood. There are already more than 20 films that were created as part of this franchise and all of them achieved unmatched success. Around the world there are thousands of MCU fans and, despite the passing of the years, these stories are still the most chosen.

However, beyond the great success, Marvel it also has bugs. It is that, with the amount of films that they already have in their history, it is impossible that there are no mistakes. The franchise always tries to maintain a chronological order, even if the films are not released in the order they should. So much so that this is what complicated continuity in most cases.

The 4 continuity errors in Marvel movies:

1. The years in which Spiderman: homecoming takes place:

It was Joe Russo himself who, in an interview, confirmed the timing error in Tom Holland’s film. The film states that the battle between the superhero and Vulture was eight years after the battle of The Avengers in New York. However, afterwards they repented and declared that instead of eight, there were five.

Tom Holland en Spiderman: homecoming. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

2. The Age of War Machine in Dr. Strange:

Just before the crash, Stephen Strange receives a call where he is offered different patients for an upcoming surgery. One of them is a 35-year-old air force colonel who has an accident after wearing an experimental suit, but Strange rejects him.

This patient is precisely Rhodes better known as War Machine who was wounded in Captain America: Civil War. Although, the problem is that Tony Stark’s friend is not 35, but 50 years old.

War Machine just before the accident.  Photo: (IMDB)

War Machine just before the accident. Photo: (IMDB)

3. Tony Stark and his misery between Iron Man and Hulk:

In the post-credits scene of Iron Man 1, Nick Fury proposes to Tony the “Avengers initiative”, something that he in the second Iron Man film rejects. But, in the post-credits scenes of the Incredible Hulk, the character of Robert Downey Jr is dismissed as he appears in front of General Ross telling him that he will form a small team of Avengers.

Tony Stark en Iron Man 1. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Tony Stark en Iron Man 1. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

4. The setting of Captain America: The First Avenger:

In Steve Rogers’ first film, Bucky Barnes is seen taking his friend to the Howard Stark exhibition. In this scene there is a set of waving flags, among which is that of the Bahamas. As is well known, the history of the Sentinel of Freedom occurred at the end of the 30s while that flag was not created until 1973.

Steve Rogers in its infancy.  Photo: (IMDB)

Steve Rogers in its infancy. Photo: (IMDB)

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