The 5 best couples of the Lucifer series!

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Lucifer is a television series that is transmitted by the streaming platform Netflix and is based on the graphic novels of DC Comics. Created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg, the character was taken from the series The Sandman and then have their own spin off on the small screen. The show’s success is evident and it is currently hosting its sixth and final season on the streaming giant.

The series tells the story of Lucifer morningstar, the devil himself, who leaves hell to settle in Los Angeles as the owner of a nightclub and also, although it sounds incredible, to be a consultant to the police of that city. The paper of Tom Ellis, the protagonist, was particularly praised by critics. The characters in the series formed many pairs: which are the best?

+ The best couples in the Lucifer series

5. Dan Espinoza and Charlotte Richards

The relationship got off to a strange start: Charlotte was possessed by the mother of Lucifer. However, once he recovered, they made a cute couple. The truth is that they were not destined to live happily ever after. Charlotte died defending Amenadiel from Marcus Pierce. And he still misses her.

4. Dan Espinoza and Chloe Decker

It’s true, it didn’t work because And he was totally immersed in his work. They tried to carry on the relationship, but it ended in a sad divorce. However, the couple is on good terms and even works better than before. They have a beautiful daughter who inherited the intelligence of the mother and the nobility of the father.

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3. Amenadiel and Linda Martin

They too got off to a weird start! Amenadiel pretended to be someone else to find out about Lucifer, until Linda discovered it. However, she fell in love with him. They had to deal with Maze, who believes she was betrayed. They had a child: Charlie. While they don’t have many scenes together, you can see the affection between them.

2. Lucifer y Candy Morningstar

With the exception of Chloe, most relationships of Lucifer they were not significant. However, there is a romance that has a special place in the show because it was quite comical. When Lucifer decided to drive away Chloe of his life, he returned from Las Vegas accompanied by Candy, who pretended to be the wife of the character of Tom Ellis.

1. Lucifer y Chloe Decker

The couple who are already a television icon! At first she could not tolerate it, but over time they became friends until they fell in love with each other. Chloe had to accept the fact that Lucifer He is not human, yet he accepted his love. He had to go back to hell, something that broke her heart. Chloe. Nevertheless, Lucifer He came back for both of them to try to make the couple work. “She is my first love“said the devil.

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