The 5 best moments of Lucifer a month from the last season

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In four weeks, Netflix will close one of the fan-favorite stories: Lucifer comes to an end. On September 10, the sixth and final season of this series starring Tom Ellis will be released. In just ten episodes, the Devil must put all his beliefs aside and take the most awaited throne: that of God.

Part 5B of Lucifer culminated with the protagonist getting the right to inherit from his father and, in addition, Chloe (Lauren German) makes the decision to leave the police to become his advisor. And now, the recently released trailer for the new edition confirms that, before doing her duty, “Luci” will say goodbye to Los Angeles in a big way.

So much so that, everything indicates that the sixth season of this fiction will have more than one memorable scene. However, as well as in the chapters to be released, Lucifer It has been reaping unbeatable moments since its inception and, from Spoiler, we remind you of them.

The 5 best moments of Lucifer before his final season:

1. Lucifer is stopped by a police officer:

From the first chapters the acid and sarcastic humor of Lucifer and, as it will evidently happen in the last edition, the first season featured a stoppage. Is that, while driving his convertible in Los Angeles, Tom Ellis’s character exceeded the speed limit and the police could not ignore him.

Lucifer next to his car. Photo: (IMDB)

He has obviously felt the need to exercise his limited powers and punish me for ignoring the speed limit. Relax, I understand. I also like to punish people. Or at least I liked“Morningstar replies to the agent when he asks if he knows the reason for his arrest.

2. Lucifer meets Dr. Linda Martín:

In the first episode LuciferInvestigating the death of her friend with Chloe, she runs into Dr. Beautiful. But, accustomed to bringing out the dark and passionate side of people, the Devil drives the therapist crazy who, in order to have sex with him, tells him that he will provide him with the confidential information he needs to solve his first case.

Lucifer and Linda.  Photo: (IMDB)

Lucifer and Linda. Photo: (IMDB)

3. Lucifer discovers that Dan slept with his mother:

The relationship of Lucifer and Dan was always in a tug of war. Despite the Devil’s wishes to assassinate the “stupid officer”, he always held back out of respect for his great love. But, when he discovers that Dan slept with his mother, introduced into Charlotte’s body, the reaction he has is one of the most comical moments.

Dany Charlotte.  Photo: (IMDB)

Dany Charlotte. Photo: (IMDB)

4. Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings:

As long as it may have taken him, the Devil managed to discover that Chloe is his great love. That is why, from that moment, he makes sure that she is safe without caring about anything. And, at the end of season three, in a confrontation between him and Pierce, the protagonist is forced to reveal his true identity in front of her by releasing his wings to save her from the bullets that were about to go through her.

Lucifer protegiendo a Chloe. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Lucifer protegiendo a Chloe. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Of course, it should be noted that this is one of the most romantic and tender scenes of the series in which, for the first time, all the acid humor of the protagonist is put aside. On this occasion, his personal and sentimental growth is the one that prevails throughout the chapter.

5. Lucifer and Chloe go to bed for the first time:

In the fourth season, after some ups and downs in their relationship, the protagonist and his true love finally become intimate. This, without a doubt, was one of the most anticipated moments by the fans.

Lucifer and Chloe in their first relationship.  Photo: (IMDB)

Lucifer and Chloe in their first relationship. Photo: (IMDB)

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