The 5 most anticipated series by fans: when do they premiere?

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Despite having had a 2020 to forget, where many of his productions were affected, Netflix you already have a calendar ready for this year and next. Beyond the fact that some series are still in the filming process or, even, post-production, there are already some confirmed dates for what will be the second season of this 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

However, despite the fact that the work he is reaping Netflix It is infinite, from Spoiler we collect the five most anticipated series by fans. Since The Money Heist, passing by The Witcher, until BridgertonKnow when they are released and all the details of each one of them.

The 5 most anticipated series by fans:

1. The Paper House:

After four seasons being a worldwide success, La Casa de Papel is coming to an end. The latest edition published in Netflix It showed El Professor and his gang cornered both by Inspector Sierra and by the Civil Guard and, now, in the next season the story will be definitively closed.

Release date: September 3 (volume 1) – December 3 (volume 2).

2. The Witcher:

The first season of The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, was a complete success. But, the abrupt ending left fans wanting more and, for that, Netflix confirmed a second season which, after many adversities overcome during the pandemic, has already finished filming and is in the post-production process.

Release date: An official date is not yet confirmed, but according to a promotional video published by the same official page of the series, the new chapters do not go beyond this year.

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3. Bridgerton:

With a historical connotation, as it is set in old London, Bridgerton was one of Netflix’s big hits of last year. The story, which embodies the Julia Quinn books, renewed for a second season that will have Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) as the new protagonist and, many already await his return.

Release date: The platform has not yet announced an official date, but everything indicates that it would only arrive next year. This is because, due to the virus lockouts and the dire situation in England, the cast were only able to return to the set less than two months ago.

The Bridgerton family. Photo: (Netflix)

4. Elite 5:

The fourth season of Elite, which was added to the platform on June 18, was a great furor. After introducing its new characters, Ari, Mencía, Patrick and Phillippe, the series from the most prestigious school in Madrid will arrive with a fifth season and two new characters.

Release date: Netflix did not announce any date, but as the recordings have already ended and the season will have the same number of chapters as the one just released, the series could be renewed at the end of this 2021 or the beginning of the other.

5. Lucifer:

After much waiting, on May 28, fans of Tom Ellis and Lauren German saw Lucifer and Chloe together again in season 5B of the strip. However, a few days later, the cast announced the end of the filming of the sixth and final season of the story of the most rebellious son of God.

Release date: According to what different members of the production leaked, season six would only arrive next year.

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