The 5 most searched questions about Sam Heughan on Google

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The 5 most searched questions about Sam Heughan on Google

With the success of Outlander Since their arrival on Netflix, all the members of the cast have catapulted to international fame. But, especially, those who most managed to catch the public are Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe since they are not only the protagonists of the story, but also transmit an unmatched chemistry both on the screen and off it and, their love story as Jamie and Claire Fraser is, to this day, one of the most applauded.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have great chemistry. Photo: (Starz Play)

However, despite the great respect and love that Balfe gained in his passage through Outlander, Sam Heughan He is the one who has increased his group of followers the most and even opened different doors for new projects. Beyond the experience of the Scotsman as an actor before being Jamie, it was precisely this character in which the world got to know him and, likewise, different productions.

That is why today Heughan is one of the actors of the moment with more proposals on his table and, therefore, every day that passes, fans try to collect as much information as possible about the new leading man in the world of series. So much so that, as his name is so sought after, Google has already included him, like Tom Holland, in its algorithm and collected the five most repeated questions about Sam Heughan. And, despite the fact that he has not answered them, from Spoiler we tell you everything you need to know.

The 5 most searched questions about Sam Heughan on Google:

1. Where was Sam Heughan born?

Being the interpreter of a character characterized by a Scottish clan, many ask this question. Well, it’s very simple, Sam Heughan He was born in Balmaclellan, a small town in the Galloway Hills in south-west Scotland. That’s why being Jamie wasn’t that difficult.

Its Scottish origin is undeniable.  Photo: (@samheughan)

Its Scottish origin is undeniable. Photo: (@samheughan)

2. How old is Jamie in Outlander?

For this answer there are two perspectives: the novels of Diana Gabaldón and the Starz Play series. According to the books, Jamie is between three and four years younger than Claire, but it is never specified. As for the series, Claire is four years older as she is 27 in the first season and he is only 23.

3. What did Sam Heughan study?

There are many theories that were given around this information, but according to what he himself declared, he studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Royal Conservatory of Scotland) and, in terms of theater, graduated of the Royal Lyceum Theater.

4. What music does Sam Heughan like?

This time it was the same Sam Heughan the one who revealed his favorite groups. “I like alternative Scottish music. Groups like Frightened Rabbits and Martin Bennett”He told Scottish Field magazine.

5. Who is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend?

Of course, for fans of the interpreter, such information is essential. But, even though he was related to many women, including Caitriona Balfe, it was Heughan himself who said that, at this moment, he cannot have a relationship in mind by “spend half the year away from home”.

Sam and Caitriona were related many times.  Photo: (Getty)

Sam and Caitriona were related many times. Photo: (Getty)


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