The 5 most viewed Netflix series in the last week (November 22-28)

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The last month of the year is getting closer and closer and the streaming service Netflix you know it, that is why it recently announced all the series and movies that will arrive in the next few days, as well as the content withdrawals that will be in the catalog. Meanwhile, a new week has just ended and FlixPatrol it show us the Top 5 of the most popular shows. Spoiler: The Squid Game is no longer in position 1. This is the ranking of the most viewed from November 22 to 28!

+ The 5 most viewed Netflix series in the last week

5- True Story

This crime drama hit Netflix on November 24, in the middle of this week, and earned enough credit to be a part of the Top 5. It’s about a world-famous comedian desperately looking for a way out after a night out in Philadelphia with his brother who can sabotage all your success. The protagonist is Kevin Hart, again in a role that is not comedy as we are used to.

4- The Squid Game

For the first time in a long time, the Korean show is not number 1 in the rankings and it is not even in the top three. However, it is still among the most chosen by subscribers, something truly unprecedented if we think that it arrived on September 17 and today it is one of the greatest considerations of viewers. Equally, there will be more, as there is a season 2 on the way.

3- Cowboy Bebop

This live-action was one of the most anticipated productions of November, since its animation is classified as one of the best anime of all time. The reviews have not been the best, we can even say that it was not well received by the most staunch fans, but it is here for a reason and surely this group of bounty hunters wowed a new audience.

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2- Arcane

Like last week, this series based on the League of Legends video game universe and developed by Riot Games remains in second place in the Top. Its last three episodes premiered on Saturday, November 20, but its high ratings made users of the platform set their eyes on Arcane and now they await the second installment, which could arrive in 2023.

1- Heading to hell

The success of The Squid Game allowed original content from South Korea to be more taken into account and that was what happened in this case. This supernatural horror show came to replace the great phenomenon of streaming in recent months and currently occupies the first position of the most chosen of Netflix. Will you keep it next week?

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