The 5 most viewed Netflix series in the last week (November 29 to December 5)

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It started the last month of the year for the streaming service Netflix, where we already had some releases acclaimed by users such as volume 2 of the final season of The Money Heist. There is still more content to come, but here we will focus on the ones that had the most views in the week that ends. Review the Top 5 of the most viewed series on the platform from November 29 to December 5!

+ The 5 most watched Netflix series in the last week

5- The Squid Game

In the previous report we learned that it stopped leading the ranking of views and now dropped one position, although it remains in the Top 5 worldwide. It is a furor without comparisons in the history of streaming and that is why since its launch on September 17 until today it has caused so much talk that a second installment is being worked on.

4- Lost in Space

The first big news on the list compared to last week. Season 3 premiered last Wednesday, December 1, thus marking the end of a fiction that has not been one of the most promoted. This last part becomes more dangerous and pressing than ever, and the Robinsons will have their survival skills put to the test in the face of the ultimate challenge.

3- A true story

The great growth of these days, without a doubt. Crime dramas are usually liked by subscribers, and more if they are well supported with a script and a suitable direction as it happens in this case. Kevin Hart shines in a plot that follows a world-famous comedian desperately looking for a way out after a night in Philadelphia with his brother who may sabotage all of his success.

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2- Arcane

For the third time in a row it remains in second place, beyond the phenomenon and successful achievements, such as having displaced The Squid Game as the most chosen by viewers at the time. This show based on the League of Legends universe did enough to captivate even people unfamiliar with the video game, so it was decided to make a season 2.

1- Heading to hell

South Korean productions began to gain ground in the final months of 2021 and it was once again demonstrated thanks to this supernatural horror series. Once again, it is leading the Top 5 of the most watched Netflix in the last week and it is expected to be renewed for a second part, as it happened with other successful contents.

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