The 5 movies of the moment that can be seen on Netflix and that are critically acclaimed

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The 5 movies of the moment that can be seen on Netflix and that are critically acclaimed

In recent years, and from the great growth of streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Y Amazon Prime Video, among other, viewers have been inclined to watch long productions. It became a true classic to sit in the armchair at home to do marathons and watch a favorite series. For this reason, the cinema has lowered its number of clients.

One of the companies that best took advantage of this surprising change was Netflix, whose evolution was remarkable, to the point that it became the most hired and recognized company in the world. In fact, the main strategy was to stop acquiring the rights to the content made by other companies to start making their own productions.

Streaming platforms have been inclined to make more series than movies. Why? It’s very simple: The idea is that the user who feels trapped or seduced by said production, remains a customer for several years. Therefore, and sadly for many, the films have been in the background.

Of course there are still many people who are more inclined towards movies than series. Precisely for that, in Spoiler We decided to make a TOP 5 of the films of the moment that are available in Netflix.


The perfect pair

In Bali, a fashion blogger is forced to rethink her relationship with her fiancé after feeling an intense connection with a talented shoemaker.

Romantic gender.

Igor Grom against Doctor Peste:

After the slaughter carried out by a masked vigilante, a detective and his rookie partner are the only ones who can stop him.

Genre: action and adventure.

The seven magnificents:

In the Wild West, a tycoon who wants to take over a gold mine threatens the residents of a town. Desperate, they turn to bounty hunter Sam Chisolm, who recruits seven mercenary experts to take on the potentate and his terrible minions.

Genre: western.

Chernobyl: The Movie:

Alexey, a firefighter at the power plant, is accompanied by Valery, an engineer, and Boris, a military diver, on a dangerous mission to drain the water from the reservoir below the burning reactor.

Genre: drama.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans:

After the events of the “Tales of Arcadia” trilogy, the heroes of our history must unite to protect humanity from the evil Arcane Order, which uses its uncontrollable black magic to summon ancient titans capable of destroying the world.

Genre: animation.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Guardians of the Galaxy 3


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