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The 5 oldest dog breeds in the world

Although it is not easy to know exactly how many breeds of dogs there are in the world, the International Cynological Federation estimates that there are 343, each with its own characteristics. One of the most frequent forms of classification is according to their age. Can you tell what the oldest dog breeds in the world?

It is estimated that dogs could take more than 30,000 years to play us. According to various studies, the origin of the dog goes back to Asia, from where it spread throughout the world.


The basenji is considered to be the oldest dog in the world, and scientists estimate that it was born in Africa, where it was used for the home. It is one of the most curious breeds in the world for several reasons: It does not emit the characteristic bark of dogs, but a very peculiar sound similar to a laugh and, in addition, their way of grooming is similar to that of cats.

Shansi xigou

Better known as the Chinese hunting dog, it is the second oldest breed in the world. Everything points to its origin in 685 BC, during the Tang dynasty. For centuries it was used as a hunting dog. It has a very loyal character, although it is also extremely territorial and can be aggressive towards strangers.

Husky siberiano

The Chukchi tribe used the Siberian husky to pull sleds, take care of the house, and herd deer. Over the years, this breed had to become strong to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Siberia. Only the best adapted and most resistant specimens managed to survive.

Tibetan mastiff

The origin of the Tibetan Mastiff dates back to the 6th century BC. An ancestral breed that weighs between 85 and 100 kilos in adulthood and is characterized by its docile and affectionate character. In ancient times was used as a prisoner guard and war dog.

Shiba inu

And finally, the shiba inu, one of the most popular breeds today. It looks adorable and was born in Japan in 500 AD It was about to disappear forever during World War II due to a distemper epidemic and air raids. It is an active, attentive and very independent dog, with a very marked hunting instinct.

These are the oldest dog breeds in the world.

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