The 5 series that became a phenomenon on social networks

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There have been many successful series throughout the history of television, but few are those that in recent times have managed to remain among the main trends in social networks. This is due to a large number of audiences, events in the plot or great theories that are unleashed in each of its episodes. As an example of this feature, we bring you 5 productions that became internet phenomena at the time. Review the list!

+5 series that became phenomena in the networks

If we talk about popular series and countless theories, Dark should not be left out. Of German origin, she arrived in 2017 and quickly wowed audiences with a story of time travel. In 2020, after the third season, it came to an end, but it remains in the memory of fans and subscribers of the Netflix platform.

– Twin Peaks

In 1989 David Lynch gave life to one of the most remembered great phenomena on television. This mystery show spawned thousands of theories, conspiracies, and even specific studies for its disturbing twists. In 2017 he returned with one more season and Twitter increased the discussions before each episode.

The streaming service Netflix begins to say goodbye to one of its most popular shows, since a few weeks ago part 1 of the final installment was launched and on December 3 the 5 episodes that will close the story will arrive. The creation of Alex Pina garnered millions of fans around the world, in different languages, so each premiere forces them to marathon.

– The Walking Dead

One of the main series that led the trends in the United States on Sundays and in the rest of the world on Monday nights with the arrival of each episode. They are currently broadcasting their season 11, which will mark the end of AMC’s fiction, and it is no exception to the fervor of the fans.

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The HBO series, which culminated in its eighth season in 2019, was not only a unique internet phenomenon, as each Sunday was experienced as the preview of an unprecedented event. While the latest installment failed to meet the expectations of fans, we cannot deny that GOT occupies a privileged place in TV history.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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