The 5 supporting Marvel characters who deserve their own series

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe: a creation in constant expansion. New characters and stories surprise fans of the brand who were not satisfied with what was achieved from the Infinity Saga and the threat of Mad Titan, Thanos. Today we suspect the possibility of a spiderverse, we wait for the debut of the powerful Eternals and we celebrate the arrival of the Asian hero Shang-Chi. Disney+ It serves as an alternative for more developed stories and with that in mind today we share a list of characters who deserve their own series.

The streaming platform has already presented stories from Marvel Cinematic Universe: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier y Loki. More series are on the way for this alternative that allows creatives to expand a little more in the stories they want to tell. Here, the list with the secondary characters who deserve their own show.

+ The supporting Marvel characters who deserve their series

5. Gamora

Adoptive daughter of Thanos and the most dangerous assassin in the universe. Team member Guardians of the Galaxy and sister of nebula, with whom he had a difficult relationship when both sought the approval of the Mad Titan. Nevertheless, Gamora it was always the weakness of Thanos. An expert in hand-to-hand combat and lethal at any opportunity, she has a reputation that precedes her. Your series could tell the story before the Guardians of the Galaxy or how it adapts to a reality with multiple variants of the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe.

Gamora. Photo Credits: IMDb.

4. Red Skull

The enemy of Captain America Was in charge of Hydra during world war II. In this context, he studied paranormal objects such as Tesseract. Fighting with Steve Rogers, was transported to another galaxy, where he became the Guardian of the Soul Stone. A series centered on this villain could count his return to Earth as a threat to the fragile world peace. New skills and knowledge can make you dangerous within the renewed multiverse of Marvel.

Red Skull

Red Skull. Photo Credits: IMDb.

3. Hope Van Dyne

Better known as The wasp, she helped recruit Scott Lang and that the thief became the hero Ant-Man. Hope has the ability to fly, resize, and shoot lasers. She is a skilled fighter. A series focused on this character could better develop the discoveries of Hank Pym, Hope’s father. How will the technology developed by the scientist affect the multiverse?

The wasp

The wasp. Photo: IMDb.

2. Pepper Potts

The girlfriend of Tony Stark. Pepper got into action as a hero during the third installment of the franchise of Iron Man. In that movie, he faced Aldrich Killian wearing armor. She is in charge of taking care of her partner’s business, doing Stark Industries a competitive company. He fought against the forces of Thanos in his own combat suit. A series of Pepper could tell how she adapts to the new role of heroine while working in the company that she inherited from her old love and reality is fractured into a multiverse of possibilities and dangerous variants.

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts. Photo Credits: IMDb.

1. Heimdall

The best friend of Thor! A powerful Asgardian warrior who protected the bridge to the Nine Realms with his life. He had the ability to see and hear everything that was happening around him. Unfortunately, after the attack of Whole home, he escapes to find his end violently at the hands of Thanos. A series of Heimdall he could recount his adventures before he became the Guardian of the Gateway to Asgard.


Heimdall. Photo Credits: IMDb.

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