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The 5 Worst Green Lantern Costumes Worn By James Gunn, Ranked

The 5 Worst Green Lantern Costumes Worn By James Gunn, Ranked

In the 23rd issue of “Guy Gardner: Warrior,” penned by Beau Smith and illustrated by Mitch Byrd, Dan Davis, Stuart Chaifetz, and Albert DeGuzman, Guy joins an adventurous expedition to South America to uncover the mythical Warrior Waters. This legendary liquid is rumored to bestow immense powers upon those who drink it. During this perilous quest, Guy endures encounters with Nazi dinosaurs and swarms of zombie-like creatures. Ultimately, he encounters the Warrior Women of Nabba. It is revealed to Guy that his destiny lies in consuming this mystical water, and upon doing so, he gains extraordinary abilities derived from the finest soldiers across history, transforming into a living weapon adorned with red armor.

Guy’s newfound powers allow him to morph his body into various weapons, including a mace, bombs, and guns. His abilities are reminiscent of a Terminator’s liquid metal form, but with a medieval twist. Additionally, Guy becomes virtually immortal, endowed with a remarkable healing factor that shields him from the most horrific injuries. Despite these formidable new abilities, Guy’s appearance leaves much to be desired. He is marked by red stripes across his body and face, a yellow circle emblazoned on his chest, rarely dons a shirt, sports red pants with a conspicuous black groin area, knee pads, and eyes that oscillate between white and yellow. To add to the absurdity, Guy is momentarily transformed into a female by the villain Dementor. In this gender-swapped form, Guy adopts the moniker “Gal,” but the character’s peculiar aesthetic remains intact.

Nathan Fillion is set to portray Guy Gardner in James Gunn’s “Superman,” sporting a new costume. Fans eagerly await to see if Guy’s iconic, albeit questionable, classic ensemble will make its way onto the big screen. Until then, fans can rest easy knowing that the character will likely be spared from any of the outlandish looks previously mentioned.

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