The 7 Common Reasons for Visa Cancellation Upon Entering the U.S

US Entry Process: Tips and Guidelines

Travelers entering the United States must go through a brief interview with the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. The CBP officer asks a series of questions to ensure that the traveler meets the requirements to visit the country and is not planning to stay permanently. It is essential to answer the officer’s questions truthfully and accurately to avoid any problems.

What to Expect in CBP Interview

During the interview, the CBP officer asks about accommodation details, the reason for travel, duration of stay, and return flight information. Questions related to cash, food in luggage, and previous visits to the United States are common. The officer may also inquire about friends or family members in the country. It is best to stay focused on the questions asked and avoid sharing irrelevant stories.

Importance of Return Flight Reservation

Showing proof of return flight reservation helps CBP officers validate that the visit to the US is temporary. If you already have your return flight reservation, print the sheet and present it during the interview. If you do not have a return flight, mention tentative return date. Ensure that your duration of stay aligns with your visit’s objectives or activities.

Honesty is Key

Honesty is paramount during the CBP interview. Officers can detect false statements and inconsistencies, leading to further scrutiny. If the CBP officer approves your entry, they stamp your passport, indicating the latest departure date from the country. In case of any discrepancies, the officer may subject you to a second review. It is best to be upfront and truthful about your travel plans to avoid any issues.

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Reasons for Visa Cancellation

The Consulate of Mexico in Brownsville highlights that the US authorities may cancel your visa if you:

– Work or reside in the US without proper immigration documentation.

– Help individuals cross into the US without valid immigration documents.

– Carry prohibited items such as weapons, explosives, or drugs.

– Fail to declare cash exceeding $10,000 while crossing Border Ports between Mexico and the US.

– Use public assistance through fraudulent means.

– Overstay beyond the authorized time in your Form I-94.

– Do not immediately report the loss or theft of your visa to the Consulate General of the US.

– Study without a valid student visa.

– Use the SENTRI lane without authorization.


In conclusion, the CBP interview process is a crucial step in entering the United States. Answer the questions truthfully and accurately to avoid any problems. Ensure that you follow the guidelines for entry and avoid fraudulent activities that can lead to visa cancellation. Remember, honesty is the best policy when dealing with CBP officers, and failure to comply with immigration guidelines can result in severe consequences.

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