The 7 most serious and common mistakes on your resume, according to an expert

It is a very good time to go looking for work, particularly in the United States, where there are more offers than labor at the moment. If you are in that process, you will still need a resume or resume to present to your potential employer.

Peter Yang, CEO of Resume Writing Services, ResumeGo’s parent company dedicated to helping professionals create a perfect resume, knows from experience that the issues that that cover letter should address are often discussed, but very little of what you should avoid.

“I’ve read over a thousand resumes this year so far and I’ve seen a lot of ‘junk’ that doesn’t belong there, things that can affect your chances of getting an interview,” Yang wrote for CNBC.

Here are his tips on the mistakes to avoid on your resume:

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to include a passport-type photo.

“For starters, some managers and recruiters have told me that they find it ‘unprofessional’ or even a little ‘tacky’. It can also cause unconscious biases. Either because of the way she dresses, her gender, race or just her age appearance, ”Yang commented.

All of these aspects can impact a recruiter’s decision, even inadvertently.

There’s also a slim chance that the photo could affect the format of your resume, creating technical difficulties when it goes through candidate tracking systems, Yang says.

According to Yang, many candidates still make the mistake of using personal pronouns – “I”, “me”, “we” – on their resumes. It is a mistake, since it is obvious that the resume is about you. And it is more elegant to write “Manager of 10 employees” than “I was a manager of 10 employees.”

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