The 7 unmissable works of Julio Cortázar, on the day of his birth

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37 years ago the writer died Julio Florencio Cortázar, one of the referents of the Hispanic American literature, born a august 26 the 1914, and Belgium, an event that he himself ironically described as “a product of tourism and diplomacy.”

Is that his father, who worked in the Argentine embassy in BelgiumBefore his birth, he had been incorporated into a trade mission near the Argentine legation in Belgium, “and as he had just gotten married he took my mother to Brussels”, had declared the renowned writer, son of Maria Herminia Descotte and of Julio José Cortázar, both of Argentine nationality, where they returned once the First World War.

In a brief review of his life, Julio Cortázar spent his childhood in Los Banfield suburbs, of Greater Buenos Aires, where despite his few years he demonstrated the passion that united him for the letters. Already an adult after obtaining a scholarship in 1951 he moved to Paris, where he lived for a time. A decade later it reached the international recognition and fame for their works, For this reason, his name was next to great personalities protagonists of the rise of Latin American literature in Europe.

On 1984 became ill with leukemia and he died February 12 of the same year, leaving a wide legacy of works that are recognized for their high intellectual level and for their unique way of telling feelings and emotions.


Without a doubt, it is the unrepeatable and revolutionary footprint that Julio Cortázar left in the literature, an innovative proposal that annihilated all generic convention. One of the characteristics of this work is that it can be read in different ways, that is, in the traditional way from the first chapter to about 56 or by following the board of directors proposed by Cortázar.

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The hopscotch synopsis refers that the book deals with “the turbulent love of Oliveira and La Maga, the friends of the Snake Club, the walks through Paría in search of heaven and hell have their reverse in the symmetrical adventure of Oliveira, Talira and Traveler in a Buenos Aires colored by memory ”.


Was the first book of stories published by Cortázar with his name. In the same poses everyday objects and events, with texts that leave pleasant surprises to the reader due to the twists of the plots.

The eight stories it includes are House taken, Letter to a young lady in Paris, Far away, Bus, Headache, Circe, The gates of heaven and Bestiary.

Pameos and Meopas:

Was the first book of poetry published by Cortázar and has a compilation of his poems written between 1944 and 1958, which at the time the author himself was not sure if it was a work to publish.

The Morelli box:

The character in this play, Morelli, presents literary criticism, transgression, marginalization and revokes the currents established from the claim of its disintegrating work, refers to the synopsis of the work.

A certain Lucas:

It is considered a unspeakable book between novel or compilation of short stories, where an alternative to traditional literature is presented.

Divided into three parts, it offers several texts in which it can give the impression of being a book within another, some focused on the protagonists and others not.

Paris Rhythms of a city:

In the words of Cortázar himself in the prologue of this work, “each city invents its own vocabulary, leaves those expressions that can only have meant for him, in him, fall into everyday speech.”

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Except for Twilight:

This work is a collage in which Cortázar renders an important tribute to various poets and relives characteristic aspects both in Paris and in Buenos Aires, memories and opinions.

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