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The Acolyte Episode 6: Hidden Easter Eggs & Star Wars References Explained

Fans are buzzing with curiosity about all the The Acolyte Episode 6 Easter Eggs, following the episode’s recent premiere. These easter eggs play a crucial role in linking the audience to the broader Star Wars universe, offering deeper insights and new information. With the latest episode now available to stream, many enthusiastic are eager to learn more about these hidden details, including the lightsaber whip, the power of two, and more.

Here is a list of The Acolyte Episode 6 Easter Eggs and its Star Wars references and explanations.

The Acolyte episode 6 features numerous interesting Easter Eggs, which are all mentioned below:

After Vernestra discovers the fallen Jedi, she goes against Umbramoth. At that moment, her purple-colored lightsaber whip makes an official live-action debut, following its appearance in trailers. These light-whips appeared in Legends Marvel Star Wars comics for the first time and continue to inspire the live-action Star Wars universe.

Qimir and Kylo Ren share an interesting similarity in their shirtless scenes. However, while Kylo’s scenes were for comic relief, Qimir’s scene holds importance as it draws Osho near to him. During this scene, an intriguing detail is spotted: a mark on Qimir’s back, suggesting a connection with the Sith Lord.

In Episode 6, Qimir finally reveals his true intentions for twins Mae and Osha. When Osha asks about his motives, he says, The Power of Two. According to theories, this reference might be to Darth Bane’s rule of two in the Star Wars universe, indicating that Qimir intends to train one of the twins as his apprentice, bringing the Sith’s order into play.

Power of Two is one of the main The Acolyte Episode 6 Easter Eggs.

Master Sol asks for immediate attention to the situation from Coruscant using Emergency Code Zero. This code references the Empire At War video game, suggesting assistance in danger.

Osha’s grey costume shares a striking resemblance to Rey’s outfit from The Last Jedi. At the time of Rey’s training with Luke, she donned a similar sleeveless grey costume.

Vernestra and her team board a new Jedi Shuttle that bears a few resemblances to Ahsoka’s T-6 ship. However, both ships aren’t the same.

Source: ComingSoon