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The Acolyte Episode 7: Recap, Review, and Ending Explained

Episode 7 of Star Wars: The Acolyte delivered a whirlwind of revelations, tying up loose ends from previous episodes while leaving us with even more questions. With twists, connections, and some unexpected sexy moments, the show continues to blend mystery and intrigue. Let’s dive into the episode’s key events, explore its complex narrative, and break down that explosive ending.

This Star Wars episode took a unique approach by showing the events of an earlier flashback episode from the Jedi’s perspective. It begins with our Jedi gang – Sol, Indara, Kelnacca, and Torbin – exploring Brendok’s lush environment. Originally thought to be a barren wasteland due to a hyperspace disaster, Brendok teems with life. The Jedi suspect a Force vergence, a concentrated area of Force energy, as the reason behind this unexpected vitality.

Night falls, and tensions rise among the group. Torbin, longing for the bustling cityscape of Coruscant, grows increasingly restless. Indara, ever the wise mentor, reminds Sol not to confuse his own feelings with those of his Padawan. Their mission takes a dramatic turn when Sol stumbles upon Mae and Osha, the mystical twins, arguing by a tree. This scene, previously shown from the witches’ perspective, now reveals Sol’s covert observation.

Sol infiltrates the twins’ fortress, witnessing Mother Anysea testing the girls’ abilities. Concerned for their safety, he alerts the other Jedi, leading to a high-stakes confrontation. The Jedi burst into the fortress, interrupting the witches’ ritual. Tensions escalate, resulting in a chaotic showdown that highlights the twins’ immense power.

The episode masterfully reveals the twins’ origins. Blood samples show they possess an extraordinarily high midichlorian count, suggesting they are essentially one being split into two. This twist explains Sol’s inability to distinguish Mae from Osha, adding depth to their connection.

While the episode clarifies the Jedi’s goals, it also exposes their flaws. Indara aims to avoid conflict and leave the twins with the witches, believing it’s the right path. In contrast, Sol grows obsessed with rescuing Osha, convinced she’s in danger. This conflict culminates in a dramatic moment where Sol, in a split-second decision, uses the Force to save Osha, letting Mae fall to her apparent death.

The episode’s portrayal of Torbin as a whiny, homesick Jedi feels frustrating. His actions, driven by a desire to return to Coruscant, lack depth. Mother Anysea’s manipulation of Torbin, using his homesickness to incite violence, adds a layer of complexity but ultimately feels underutilized.

The climax of the episode features an intense battle within the fortress. Mother Anysea’s death at Sol’s hands and the subsequent possession of Kelnacca by the witches lead to a visually stunning yet chaotic fight. Sol and Indara manage to free Kelnacca from the witches’ control, but this action inadvertently causes the witches’ deaths, revealing their powers were less formidable than previously thought.

The episode struggles with conveying the witches’ demise effectively. Indara’s Force push that breaks the witches’ hold on Kelnacca results in their deaths, a somewhat anticlimactic resolution to their formidable presence. Situations like this are somewhat of a reoccurring Star Wars trope.

In the aftermath, Indara decides to tell the Jedi Council a version of the truth, omitting key details to protect Osha. This decision stems from a mix of guilt and a desire to shield the child from further trauma. The Jedi’s involvement in the witches’ deaths weighs heavily on them, turning them into reluctant liars who mean well.

The episode provides crucial context about the Jedi’s place in the galaxy. While their rigid approach often leads to conflict, the narrative shows that the tragedy on Brendok was more about individual actions than a collective mandate from the Jedi Order. Indara and Sol’s choice to protect Osha, despite the cost, underscores their complex motivations and the personal struggles they face.

Episode 7 of “The Acolyte” succeeds in adding depth to the story, revealing key details about the twins and the Jedi’s mission. However, it also leaves viewers with unanswered questions and a sense of frustration over certain narrative choices. The exploration of Force vergence and the parallels with Anakin Skywalker add intriguing layers to the Star Wars lore.

As we approach the season finale, the show must tie up these narrative threads and provide a satisfying conclusion to Osha’s journey. The stakes are high, and the emotional weight of the Jedi’s decisions promises a compelling climax. Will Osha embrace her destiny with Qimir, or will a new path emerge? The answers lie ahead in what promises to be an epic conclusion to this intricate saga.

Source: Variety, Deadline