The actor who didn’t want to train for the Iron Fist sequences

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More than three years have passed since Iron Fist was released in Netflix as one of the series of characters from Marvel on that platform, which also included shows like Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones y Luke Cage, besides the mentioned hero. Starring Find Jones, the story of Danny Rand it was the one with the worst reception by the followers of these characters and their adventures in the streaming giant.

What happened? Many questioned the action sequences and martial arts that should live up to the mythology of the hero, protector of Kunlun and expert in Kung Fu. The truth is that there was always a team behind these scenes and many worked hard to achieve them. Others, not so much …

The actor who didn’t train for Iron Fist

Brett Chan, the show’s stunt coordinator, gave an interview in which he talked about the topic: “We spent 22 hours trying to make everything work for Marvel and the directors. Everybody was fighting and the actor suddenly doesn’t want to train. So you want to be given something to work with.” The professional was careful not to name any particular interpreter on this occasion.

Chan did highlight the work of one of the heads of the cast: Jessica Henwick, who personified Collen Wing, an expert in martial arts. The actress had no prior knowledge of any discipline and yet she stood out within the show as one of the best martial artists on the show.

Jessica Henwick. Photo Credits: IMDb.

“That’s one of the reasons we had some of the best scenes with Jessica Henwick. She trained for hours despite having zero experience. And we had great teachers: Aikido, Judo, Kinjustsu and, of course, Kung Fu “Chan remarked about the actress of the series.

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