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The actor who shone in Marvel, but thinks Black Widow is rubbish

Marvel is counting the days until the premiere of one of its most anticipated films: Black Widow will hit theaters now Disney+ It is July 9th with enormous expectation. The film could already be seen by critics and people in the environment, with a good reception in general. However, there was a former MCU actor who saw it and didn’t hesitate to trash both the movie and Scarlett Johansson. Who is it?

Is about Stephen Dorff, interpreter of Deacon Frost on Blade, the 1998 film based on the comics. There, the artist played the role of the villain – a vampire with great ambitions and influence. Although more than two decades have passed, The 47-year-old actor feels qualified to comment on the future of Marvel and when talking about Black Widow he was very critical.

Stephen Dorff en 2020 (Getty)

The actor who shone in Marvel, but thinks Black Widow is rubbish

“I’m still looking for the good stuff because I don’t want to be in Black Widow. Sounds like rubbish to me. It looks like a bad video game. I am ashamed of those people. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett! I’m sure they paid him five or seven million dollars, but I’m ashamed. I don’t want to be in those movies. I really don’t. I will find the children’s director who will be the next Kubrick and act in his place. “, he said in statements to the British media Independent.

Dorff was very tough on the industry in general and said that “it’s turning into a great game show”. According to your point of view there “actors who have no idea what they are doing and filmmakers who have no idea what they are doing”.

The artist from Atlanta, Georgia recognized his short temper and strong personality, even on film sets. “He was the most angry and aggressive person that had ever been on a movie set.”, he assured about a career that began with great expectations, but that slowly faded away. Now he will play a cage fighter again in his new movie. Embattled.

How to watch Black Widow on Disney +?

You can enjoy Black Widow in Disney+ Through Premier Access from July 9, 2021. If you have not subscribed to the platform yet, you are more than on time: enter this link to do so.

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