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the actors who seemed to have chemistry on set but couldn’t stand each other


Review four pairs who pretended to have a great friendship or partner relationship on the big screen, but who experienced a lot of tension on the set. Robert Downey Jr., Ariana Grande, and many more!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are enemies in real life


© GettySarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are enemies in real life

Many times the relationships of friendship O romantic love in the cinema can be brought to life: in some cases, the links go beyond the screen and the celebrities continue to get along in their Personal life. But on a few occasions it is not like that and although good actors pretend to have an excellent relationship during a movie or a series, the truth is that the tension on set it is exhausting. That’s why here we tell you four couples They seemed to have chemistry but couldn’t stand each other.

+ 4 pairs that get on badly on set

4. Ryan Gosling y Rachel McAdams

A classic that is always worth remembering: during the filming of The Noteebok, Ryan Gosling y Rachel McAdams they had a terrible relationship. Although a very special connection was seen on the screen and his film was consolidated as one of the most remembered romantics, the truth is that its director Nick Cassavetes said in 2014: “They didn’t get along on set for a single day. Ryan came to talk to me in front of 150 people in a great scene and asked me to bring Rachel out to bring another actress because he said they didn’t get anything positive out of the scenes”.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker y Kim Cattrall

The reboot of Sex And The City rekindled the scandal: Kim Catrall maintains a recognized enmity with his former partner Sarah Jessica Parker. Publicly, it was announced that the first of them could not bear the desire to be the protagonist of the second and that, for that reason, it was excluded. Both Parker and Cynthia Nixon and Kristin DavisThey ignored her during the last shootings and even stayed in different places during the promotion of the films.

2. Robert Downey Jr. y Terrence Howard

Marvel Studios it is not left out of the pairs that suffered their work together during a filming. In the first installment of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark, while Terrence Howard was in charge of giving life to James Rhodes. And although they were great friends, on set the tension was extreme. Following salary disputes, Howard eventually left production and the role of colonel was assigned to Don Cheadle.

1. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice

They denied it, but their environment does not say the same: during the filming of Victorious, on Nickelodeon, Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande they got away lousy. Apparently, the tension increased when the singer’s character began to take a greater role and they even gave her a new program on the channel. Justice admitted: “All this drama is stupid. We support each other and send each other messages. Everything is alright”.

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