The Amazon Prime Day Trendy Couple: 50% Discount Smart Speaker and Spotlight

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They do not appear in the pink or yellow press but they have become one of the fashionable couples during this Amazon Prime Day in Mexico. And we are not surprised because it is a unique opportunity to take a quality leap at home and be transported directly to the future. With a single click you can make your home smart.

We are talking about the pair of the latest generation Echo Dot with a Smart bulb from Lloyds.

This is a very worthwhile promotion because we are talking about a discount of almost 50%.

Alexa has become one of the most popular virtual assistants in the world, and the fault lies in the perfect symbiosis that exists between the hardware, the assistant itself, the large number of compatible devices and Amazon’s own platform. This mix of elements makes Alexa a must-have in every smart home, so what do you do that you don’t have one yet?

Right now you have a unique opportunity to modernize your home with Alexa. Having an assistant at home in most cases involves placing a loudspeaker. Amazon has been designing speakers of this type with built-in Alexa for many years, and the latest version (the fourth generation) features a beautiful spherical design with the manufacturer’s classic fabric finish.

Using this type of speaker is as simple as saying the word “Alexa” out loud to activate the assistant and ask what you need. Thanks to the skillsCompatible devices, such as light bulbs, televisions, plugs will respond to your orders, so the speaker becomes an intelligent control unit from which you can control everything out loud.

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The main foundation of a smart bulb is to have wireless connectivity so that, with the help of a mobile phone, we can give orders to turn on and off completely remotely. The bulbs can offer Bluetooth, WiFi or Zigbee connectivity, the latter models being that they require the presence of a device called Bridge, which establishes communication between the bulb and your cell phone or router.

That is one of the details that you must take into account when buying a smart bulb. If the description of the product indicates that “requires Hub” or “requires bridge / bridge” you should take this into account, since if it is not included you will have to buy it separately. But this is not the case with this Lloyds focus.

With the bulb included in this promotion pack, you can choose between 16 million colors, warm white light and cool white light (white light range from 2700K to 6500K, 800 lumens), adjust the intensity and brightness of the light easily from the App, in real time and from wherever you are without the need for a HUB.

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