The animated film of Injustice presents its first trailer: this is what the video game adaptation looks like

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After recently announcing its release date both in digital format like in Blu-ray, we can finally enjoy the first trailer from the animated movie of Injustice, adaptation type Elseworlds from Warner Bros. and DC from the popular video game NetherRealm Studios and its later prequel comics. Thus, and after months of waiting since its official announcement, we already have a first advance in motion of Injustice thanks to HBO Max, a video clip that you can see heading this very news.

Premiere in physical and digital on October 19

Thus, and thanks to this first video advance, we can see the type of animation applied to this new DC movie, very much in the line of the classic animated adaptations of the company. Of course, this first trailer is available for the moment only in original version In english with subtitles in spanish, waiting for if it finally arrives dubbed into our language coinciding with the official premiere, both on HBO Max and on Blu-ray next October 19, 2021.

As we already know, the film adapts the events leading up to the video game Injustice, a story seen in its prequel comics under the title Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One. So much so, that we will see the Joker’s evil plans to trick Superman, causing the Man of Steel to kill Lois and her unborn child. Such a shocking event will cause the unbridled rage of superman and his implantation of a reign of terror, to which other superheroes such as Batman or Wonder Woman will firmly oppose. All this will unleash a superheroic war between the main names of DC Comics.

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The animated film of Injustice the next one opens October 19, 2021.

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