The anime you can’t miss from 2021

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We closed a 2021 complex in many ways, but that has undoubtedly left us with several interesting anime premieres. Whether they are new seasons of series that we have been enjoying for years or unpublished premieres that we met through the mangaIt has been a year that has given much of itself. Therefore, before saying goodbye, we want to remember some of those anime highlights of 2021 that you cannot miss. On the other hand, we remember that we also brought you a report focused on the most popular anime of each genre in recent years, where you can discover great stories beyond giants like One Piece or Dragon Ball.

Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the most popular anime of this year 2021. Created by the mangaka Gege Akutami, it is a shonen with all the ingredients to succeed: epic battles, an incredible level of animation, characters to remember … After a first season full of success, we are still waiting for the anime to continue its course while we have a good number of volumes of the manga available to go opening our mouths and preparing for the on-screen continuation of the adventures of Yuuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro and company.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Temporada 2)

This 2021 has been very prolific for the license of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Following the successful release of the film, Mugen Ressha-hen (Guardians of the night: Infinity Train) we also had a video game: The Hinokami Chronicles, by SEGA and CyberConnect2, with a more than remarkable result. As for the anime, the Unfotable studio published the first part of the second season (7 episodes), whose arc is the one corresponding to the aforementioned Infinity Train that we could see in the film. With slight changes and extensions, in addition to its characteristic high-quality animation, we are still waiting for the second half of this season to be published so that we can discover the Red Light District Arch animated for the first time.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Season 5)

After a long time of waiting we have finally been able to enjoy the first animated part of the Jojo’s Season 5 with Jolyne Cujoh of protagonist. After being sentenced for 15 years to be locked up in the Green Dolphin Street prison, the young woman begins to manifest supernatural powers until she realizes that it is her own booth. Learning to control it and escaping from jail are just some of his missions in this dangerous and mysterious complex where nothing is what it seems. Available on Netflix, we keep waiting for the second part of this season while we exhaust the 12 available episodes with ravenous hunger.

Tokyo Revengers

One of the most outstanding premieres of this year 2021, which introduces us to a biker gang called Tokyo Manji Gang as the central axis of action. The protagonist, Takemichi, he manages to travel back in time to try to avoid the death of his old girlfriend as well as rebuild his past in order to obtain a more promising future. With such an interesting premise, characters as charismatic as Mikey The Dragons, has become a success around the world despite the heavy censorship it has suffered in most of the countries in which it has landed, mainly because of the cross shown on the band’s uniforms, which inevitably recalls a swastika despite being inverted and having a totally different meaning.

My Hero Academy / Boku no Hero (Season 5)

An anime that needs no introduction. Season 5 is the one that has been published this year 2021 and covers the plot of the discovery of the new abilities of the One for All which discovers Deku While Endeavor recovers from his confrontation against Nomu in the denouement of the previous season and Hawks He works as a double agent for the League of Villains in order to unravel their plans. Soon the story will continue, but for now we can enjoy this fifth season.

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Beastars (Season 2)

The second season of the acclaimed and somewhat controversial Beastars arrives, an anime with anthropomorphic animals that reflects the harsh reality of teenage life, the bulling suffered by many young people in high school and other dangers often invisible in the eyes of society. Violent and daring, it is a plot that also reflects a love story similar to the classic Romeo and Juliet, although with many twists, surprises and disturbing moments.

Gokushufudou – De Yakuza a Amo de Casa

Available in Netflix, has been one of the animes that we have been able to discover this year 2021. Its protagonist is Tatsu, an ex-Yakuza much acclaimed that it got to obtain the nickname of “The Immortal Dragon”. After a series of events, the legendary yakuza abandons that life to focus on taking care of his wife, Miku, and his cat Gin. With a general tone of humor and a casual tone, we now have available the second part of this series acclaimed by viewers, whether they are anime fans or more casual.

To Your Eternity / Fumetsu no Anata e

From the magaka Yoshitoki Oima, his first 20 episodes have arrived this year. The plot centers on Fushi, an Orb that changes shape until it becomes a child. With the idea of ​​the classic hero’s journey mixed with that of learning to be human, a beautiful and endearing story is reflected that proposes a somewhat different formula, with a somewhat simpler level of animation than that seen in other productions but still thus it is highly recommended if we want to enjoy a special proposal.

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Available on Crunchyroll, this anime focuses on the story of Memempu, a girl who wishes she could get out of the underworld in which they find themselves. Called the “Labyrinth” and populated by a good handful of dangerous monsters, her father eventually relents and accompanies his daughter on her adventures beyond the safety of the colonies. With a paternal relationship little treated in anime, it is a recommended work for all lovers of adventure and good stories who want to discover something different.

Star Wars: Visions

There is no doubt that saga Star Wars It is one of the most popular and recognized in all history. After a multitude of films, series, video games and other products this year 2021 we also received an anthology of short films with anime style. Seven studios and up to nine directors came together to contribute their own grain of sand to the intergalactic franchise in order to present a collection of interesting and varied stories that we can already enjoy if we subscribe to Disney Plus.

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