The antecedent that makes Regé Jean Page the best new James Bond

The antecedent that makes Regé Jean Page the best new James Bond

Since it was known that Daniel Craig would cease to be James Bond after the premiere of No time to Die, many actors entered into a dispute to play this character. Being the new agent 007 would mean a great leap in the career of more than one and, therefore, they do not want to miss the opportunity. Such is the case of Henry Cavill or even of Regé-Jean Page.

Cavill, who is known worldwide for his role in Superman or in The Witcher you already have experience when it comes to action. Even so, the actor confessed that when he was young he was rejected for this role, but now it is time to try again. Secondly, Regé-Jean Page was named for Page Six as the first in the production list to be the new James Bond.

And while Henry Cavill was the first candidate in the first place, now he was dethroned by Page. In fact, Regé has a key antecedent which is what the production of the saga would have taken into account. This is because, long before he was the heartthrob of Bridgerton I participate in Survivor, an action thriller film that was released in 2015.

Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton. Photo: (@regejean)

Directed by James McTeigue, this film tells the story of a woman from the United States who is transferred to London to join the United States Department of State. But, once she is in her office, an attack is committed against her building, she being the only survivor, which makes her a suspect of what happened.

In this film Regé-Jean Page plays Robert Purvell, one of Kate’s colleagues, the protagonist. Filled with action, drama and audacity, this feature film is a great proof that the actor is fit to be the new James Bond. It is that, in addition, in his role he has the most well-known characteristics of the agent: he is extremely observant, decent, reserved and elegant.

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