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The Apothecary Diaries Season 2 Release Window Announced

The Apothecary Diaries overcame all the odds to become a hit with its first season, and now, we know when its second will make its debut. Today, Crunchyroll confirmed The Apothecary Diaries season two will go live next year. 2025 will usher in a new era for Maomao, and fans will be able to find the romantic drama on Crunchyroll.

The update comes straight from the streaming service as Crunchyroll took the stage at Anime Expo. The convention took The Apothecary Diaries to new heights this year as the Square Enix manga has exploded in popularity. In the aftermath of season one, The Apothecary Diaries confirmed a season two was in the works, and it seems OLM is working hard with Toho Animation Studio to bring the project to life.

If you are not familiar with The Apothecary Diaries, the hit series debuted in October 2011 under Natsu Hyuga. The novel gave way to a popular light series and manga that are ongoing. Given the series’ expansion, it was hardly surprising that an anime order was given, and the title premiered in October 2023.

For those wanting to know more about The Apothecary Diaries, you can find the series easily enough. The first season is streaming subbed and dubbed on Crunchyroll. So for those that want to know more about Hyuga’s beloved series, you can read its official synopsis below:

“Maomao, a young woman trained in the art of herbal medicine, is forced to work as a lowly servant in the inner palace. Though she yearns for life outside its perfumed halls, she isn’t long for a life of drudgery! Using her wits to break a ‘curse’ afflicting the imperial heirs, Maomao attracts the attentions of the handsome eunuch Jinshi and is promoted to attendant food taster. But Jinshi has other plans for the erstwhile apothecary, and soon Maomao is back to brewing potions and…solving mysteries?!”

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Source: ComicBookAnime