The Apple Watch Series 7 could arrive later and with limited units

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A little over a week before the expected Apple event, where those from Cupertino will introduce the new iPhone 13 as well as the Apple Watch Series 7, among other devices. However, it seems that Apple’s plans with the new version of its smartwatch se van torciendo as the date of your presentation arrives.

According to latest rumors, everything indicates that Apple would be having problems in the production of the Apple Watch. So far, the company has not commented on the matter and it seems that it maintains the idea of ​​presenting the new smartwatch on the scheduled date. However, some dare to say that it could postpone your presentation for later.

Production problems with the screen

Everything indicates that the problems would be screen related of the watch, which would be creating real headaches in the production of the new Apple Watch Series 7. In this way, next week we could find ourselves before three possible scenarios, that the presentation of the new Apple Watch he retreated until the problems are fixed, it is announced but go on sale later Or, that it be presented, even go on sale, but the units are so limited that we have to wait a long time to have the new Apple Watch Series 7.

As Apple has accustomed us in recent years, the date for its presentation would be next Tuesday, September 14, so there is no choice but to wait and see what happens between now and then. That’s as long as Apple doesn’t officially announce anything before the event.

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What’s new to expect on the Apple Watch Series 7

Recall that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will have a much more significant design change than what happened in previous versions. To begin with, everything indicates that it will be available in new size options of 41 y 45 mm. But in addition, it will have an updated screen technology and a design with much flatter edges.

As far as functions are concerned, little is known if there will be something that Apple will surprise us with this year, what if expected is that it will arrive with a much faster and more efficient processor and possibly a better autonomy. Undoubtedly, this last detail is something that most Apple Watch users expect the famous smartwath to improve, since today it differs greatly from what other competing models are capable of offering.


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