The Aquaman story that inspired the hero’s look in his DCEU sequel

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Aquaman is in full production and little by little news about the new entry of the DC Extended Universe, as was the disheveled look of Patrick Wilson for the sequel or new stealth armor from Arthur Curry which, as it transpired, is Atlantean technology based on the ability of cephalopods to blend in with their environment. In this way, the hero will be able to travel behind enemy lines.

The creative team for this film did their homework and thoroughly studied the story of Aquaman to find a new look for the hero that at the same time had functionality and an excuse for such a radical change in appearance. More taking into account the good reception that the first version of the character had in the public with the physical bearing of Jason Momoa.

Will Aquaman infiltrate behind enemy lines?

Where did you find inspiration for these modifications? There was already information that the new entry of the King of the Seven Seas I would explore elements of the silver age of comics. Nevertheless, the stealth suit is a product of the 80s. Costume Deep Blue was part of the number one of the 1986 collection with the creative team of Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton. It lasted only one installment!

What is the function of this suit in graphic novels? Arthur used it to infiltrate the hostile Atlantean community Thierna Na Oge, who decided to go to war with the surface world, stealing the Royal Seal of Atlantis to politically harm any opposition. Wolf, mentor of Aquaman, commissioned the hero to retrieve the artifact. With that goal in mind, he used the blue suit.

Arthur Curry’s blue suit! Photo: IMDb.

It is worth asking yourself in what context will you wear the suit Arthur Curry during the events of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. One can speculate that the hero will have to infiltrate the Lost kingdom of which the title of the film speaks. Meanwhile, villains like Ocean Master and Black Manta will be part of this delivery of the DC Extended Universe. Will they face Aquaman and his blue suit?

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