The Argentine detail that appears in the last episode of Loki

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Loki is the series that presents, for the first time, the adventures of this charismatic villain. The show finally reached its final episode this Wednesday and ended with multiple, mostly great surprises for fans. It is that after it was believed that it would be Spider-Man: No Way Home the film that was going to start the multi-universe, the God of Lies was ahead of him and it was he who presented it in Disney+.

Now the brother of Thor He delighted us with something much more unexpected. Is that in the Chapter 6 an element appeared that Argentines and Uruguayans know very well. Here, we tell you what it is about and when it appeared in the series at that very moment that you overlooked it.

A mate appeared in episode 6 of Loki

Loki ended in its episode 6, but it will have season 2 (Photo: Disney)

Yes, believe it or not, a mate appears in a scene from the last episode of Loki. If you are not familiar with this element, perhaps you have seen an Argentine or Uruguayan drinking. It is a kind of cup that is prepared with yerba and hot water, something like a tea.

In general, it is usually taken both in Argentina and Uruguay, but it is also common in other South American countries such as Brazil and Paraguay. And the truth is that it had a splendid appearance in the recent chapter of the God of Deception. It happened when Loki and Sylvie confront the series’ finally revealed villain, Kang. Upon meeting him, the villain invites them to sit in his office to “chat” and it is there that between books and pencils, a mate appears.

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How did this element appear there? The answer may be Victoria Alonso. The executive producer of the series and, in addition, vice president of Marvel is Argentine. She was born in La Plata and although she went to live in the United States at the age of 19, the producer is still rooted in the customs of her native country. While it’s unclear whose idea it was, she could have come up with this grand appearance.

This is not the first time that a mate has appeared in film or on television. In fact, it’s something you’ve already done Andy Muschietti in your movies. The Argentine director also showed a mate and Independiente’s shirt in the second film of IT.

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