The Argentine series that arrives on HBO Max with the protagonists of El Marginal

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A Latin American production will reach HBO Max at the end of this month: it will be called Between Men and will be available from September 26 on the streaming platform. But it has a peculiarity that will surely make it a real success. And is that their protagonists are the same as the hit series The Marginal, now also in the catalog of Netflix. A bet that combines crime, drama and the police genre.

Between Men It is directed by Pablo Fendrik, who also served as the scriptwriter for the four episodes that make up the miniseries with Germán Major, author of the homonymous novel. His recordings took place in Buenos Aires during 2019 and its official synopsis reads: “An orgy recorded on a VHS cassette unleashes a wave of death, destruction and madness among equally corrupt criminals and police”.

Those who are in charge of giving life to the protagonists will be Gabriel “Puma” Goity (Alberto Garmendia), Diego Velazquez (Sergio Almada), Nicolas Furtado (“Fly”), Diego Cremonesi (“El Zurdo”) and Claudio Rissi (“El Tucumano” Cortez). For the last three of them, this series works as a reunion: in The MarginalThey played Juan Pablo Borges (“Diosito”), Quique (“El Cuis) and Mario Borges respectively.

Entre Hombres stars the actors from El Marginal (HBO Max).

The rest of the cast is completed with Norman Briski, Luis Machín, César Troncoso, Peto Menahem, Roly Serrano, Guillermo Arengo and Pompeyo Audivert. Likewise, Alan Daicz, Braian Rosales, Lautaro Bettolini and Ignacio Toselli will participate in supporting roles. Full of acid humor, the series had its official presentation in the Berlin International Festival in March of this year and finally this month it will reach both the platform and the cable channel HBO.

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If you have already seen the trailer, you have surely noticed that it takes place in Argentina in 1996, where the social division was the protagonist of the time. Set in the southern part of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, the story begins with a party in which a senator is assassinated. The entire sequence is recorded on video that involves the guests, for which the protagonists must look for the tape to erase the evidence.

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