The Arrowverse has a new series on the way for The CW

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The CW

The DC universe that was born from the hand of Arrow a decade ago is ready to add another production. It will be headed by a character that has already been seen in different series of the saga.

© IMDbArrow started it all and ran for 170 episodes.

In 2012, Stephen Amell put himself in the skin of Oliver Queen, a young man who dedicated himself at night to saving the city from the different criminals with his great skill with the bow and arrow. From that moment, several fictions emerged that were framed in this universe, such as The Flash Y Supergirl as great referents, who made The CW continue betting on its expansion.

Now it is confirmed that the arrowverse will have a new series and it will be titled Justice U. It will star David Ramsey, who was originally seen in Arrow, as a former bodyguard and army sergeant named John Diggle who is responsible for founding arrow team. From this emergence, he was seen in other series within the franchise, such as Legends of tomorrow, The Flash Y Batwoman, to mention some of the cases.

Justice U will focus on how Diggle takes it upon himself to found a new team of young superheroes. After years of fighting criminals and working side by side with members of the arrow team, he will search for different people who will enroll as students in a prestigious university where they will be educated while becoming the heroes that are needed in the future.

Deadline confirmed that Ramsey not only will he be the protagonist of this new story but he will also be in charge of directing the pilot and some episodes of this and other series within the arrowverse. This has to do with the agreement that the actor signed with Berlanti Productions where he promised to have more cameos in series as well as direct, something he has already done in different chapters of Arrow.

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