“The Authority’s Members Unite in Legacy: Don’t Miss It!”

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Rumors have been circulating about James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy and a new leak suggests that the members of The Authority may make an appearance in the film. This adaptation is highly anticipated and rumored to have a new actor play the role of Superman in a different universe. Gunn plans to focus on other aspects of Superman’s development rather than retell his origin story.

The film will follow Clark Kent as he enters the world of work and officially introduces himself as Superman to the city of Metropolis. The dilemma will be about how to balance two very different lives, each with its own expectations and conflicts. While the process of finding actors for the roles of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor has already started, Gunn has refused to discuss any alleged leaks or rumors until everything is decided.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Authority will also make an appearance in the film. This is interesting as it suggests that Gunn plans to connect his own cinematic universe, potentially setting up for their own live-action movie after Superman: Legacy. The Authority, created in 1999 by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, consists of a group of superheroes who cross moral boundaries to ensure mission accomplishment. James Gunn successfully concluded his work with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and now has his attention fully focused on renewing the DCU. Fans eagerly await Superman: Legacy, which will not only start this new stage, but also lay the foundation for the rest of the DCU.

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