The Axis Unseen duyuruldu

The Axis Unseen duyuruldu

Nate Purkeypile, a 14-year-old Bethesda developer working on Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and the lead designer of Fallout 76, has announced The Axis Unseen. The Axis Unseen will be a first-person dark fantasy open world hunting game.

Still in its early stages of development, The Axis Unseen looks simply gorgeous, as seen in the trailer and screenshots below. The Axis Unseen uses Unreal Engine 5 as its game engine to achieve this image.

Purkeypile told MRT, “The Axis Unseen is a Heavy Metal open world horror hunting game. You chase and hunt monsters in a world trapped outside the concept of time. You improve your bow and your senses. You have to reach your shelter before the sun goes down, remember that this is the only one in the universe. You are not the hunter,” he explained the game.

The game’s soundtrack will also be performed by Clifford Meyer, a former member of the legendary post-metal bands ISIS and Red Sparowes.

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Ryan McCaffrey, editor at MRT.

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