The Batman director is working on something else with HBO Max

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El director de The Batman está trabajando en algo más con HBO Max

Before the premiere of the new Batman film, its director, Matt Reeves, is already developing another product for HBO Max … Nothing to do with superheroes.

Little by little the arrival of one more version of Batman for the big screen. As time passes, the actors, producers and the direction have been releasing some details. The importance of this character in popular culture makes seeing an actor incarnating him for the first time, an experience to await. However, while the day arrives, the work team is developing other projects.

One of those who is doing this himself is Matt Reeves, who will be the director of the feature film. The filmmaker is currently working on a series for HBO Max. This last streaming service does not surprise when signing the writer, as it could be part of his contract with Warner Bros., given to existing agreement between both companies.

However, about the production has not been released much. However, it became known that it is a medical drama … Yes, as Grey’s Anatomy, IS O Nip Tuck. What is new and, more in line with the style of work of the aforementioned writer, is that it will have elements of magical realism.

Mixing science fiction with medicine is something that has not been seen much before, but it will have to be seen in this Reeves project. The Human ConditionAs the show will be titled, it will focus on a British doctor who cures impossible diseases.

On the other hand, it was communicated that the delivery will have an element of narration, something similar to that used in Stranger Things. Damon Lindelof (Lost) Y Oscar Sharp (The Karman Line) will co-write with Matt Reeves. At the same time, they will divide the management tasks.

Human Condition does not have a release date, so it is most likely that the director will debut on the platform with The Batman, which will launch on March 4, 2022. It should be noted that he will also direct a series spin-off of the hero of Gotham. The latter is supposed to focus on James Gordon and the police of the dark city.

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