The Batman no termina de convencer a Warner Bros

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New image of Robert Pattinson's spectacular suit in the Batman

The movie The Batman returns to filming to add some scenes because the directors of Warner Bros. did not quite like it.

The Batman had some problems on the set but once they finished and showed the first trailer, they got very positive reactions. So it seemed that everything was going well, since at the management level they were very happy with the result and thought they had a great success on their hands. But they have decided to return to filming, previously it was reported that Robert pattinson Y Colin Farrell they headed to Glasgow in June to do new scenes. Although that will not be enough and they will do more re-recordings.

What is happening with The Batman? On the one hand everything, fans are fascinated thanks to its dark and melancholic tone, since it is a daring proposal that will offer something totally different from what we have seen so far. But on the other hand, it seems that all the pieces do not quite fit together for the film studio. Does the cultured have The Suicide Squad? The success and great positive reviews the film is receiving from James Gunn, could cause Warner Bros wants his movies to have more humor, but The Batman it’s totally different. She has no jokes and it seems that they have made her too violent and agonizing, leaving Bruce Wayne like a real psychopath. Something that fans of DC Comics do not accept.

The changes you are making are very important.

The new re-recordings will change the movie quite a bit The Batman and that is usually quite negative. Although it seems that the most interested is Robert pattinson, as it is taking away creative control from the director Matt Reeves. It must be remembered that in the main shoot they did not finish working well together and the film studio clearly bet on the actor, since they signed a super agreement for more future films. But one of the conditions could be that The Batman received some changes to the liking of Robert pattinson.

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Hopefully all these re-recordings are for the good of the film and so we can enjoy it on March 4, 2022 when it opens in cinemas around the world. Are you looking forward to seeing The Batman? Leave us your comments below.

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