The Batman: this is what Zoë Kravitz looks like as Catwoman and a new frame of Batman in action

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News from The Batman less than a month from DC FanDome 2021 where we will surely see a new trailer and more information about the return of the Dark Knight to the big screen from the director’s hand Matt Reeves and the actor Robert pattinson as a young Batman / Bruce Wayne. So much so, that the filmmaker himself has shared a photograph of the editing room where we can appreciate a unpublished Batman frame. Additionally, Warner Bros. continues to promote its next event, this time with a first look at Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman. And as if that were not enough, the composer Michael Giacchino wanted to celebrate the recent Batman Day with some seconds of the soundtrack of the film.

Unpublished material from The Batman: art, frame and OST

Let’s start with Matt Reeves and his particular celebration of Batman Day. And it is that the filmmaker wanted to share on such an important date a fitting room photograph of the film where we can see on a screen an unpublished frame of Robert Pattinson’s Batman in action. In it we see the Dark Knight about to fire his hook gun.

On the other hand, the composer Michael Giacchino has not wanted to miss the Batman Day appointment without sharing a few seconds of what will be the The Batman soundtrack. “Happy #BatmanDay everyone !! We have worked hard and we are eager to share what we have been doing! ”, The musician writes on his official Twitter account.

To finish with the news of The Batman, Warner Bros. has updated its promotional materials of the next DC FanDome with the first official image of the Catwoman de la actress Zoe Kravitz, wearing a black hood and a leather jacket, thus introducing a Catwoman who begins to take her first steps in this new Batman universe in the cinema.

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The Batman The March 4, 2022.

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