The Batman’s Japanese trailer reveals new footage of the movie

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The Japanese trailer for The Batman has revealed new footage of the movie and an iconic villain. The new trailer released yesterday gives us a closer look at Batman following the dangerous serial killer The Riddler.

However, the sections shown in the trailer contain traces of a different villain in the movie.

The trailer contains some pretty interesting footage from The Riddler, such as a close-up of Bruce Wayne’s news clipping bulletin board. According to the news on the board, The Riddler shows that Batman already knows who he really is.

However, what was more interesting than these news were the photos in the news. When you zoom in on the images of Bruce Wayne in detail, you can see that our hero has a scary, grinning face hidden behind him. It can be clearly seen that this smile is very similar to the Joker.

The Hollywood ReporterRumors are circulating on social media that Barry Keoghan will appear in the movie as Batman’s arch-enemy, the Joker, according to the news:

“Last month, rumors that Barry Keoghan will play the Joker in Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie have swept through social media. While we don’t know the accuracy of the rumors yet, we can tell you this: Multiple sources have revealed to us that Warner Bros.’s Batman has two different endings and the studio is trying to choose between these endings. One of those endings could include Barry Keoghan as the Joker.”

Batman hits the big screen on March 4, 2022. Also, the movie starring Colin Farrell as the iconic villain Penguin. HBO Max TV spin-off dizisi The Penguin’in The construction process has begun.

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