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The Bear Star Abby Elliott’s Famous Father Will Surely Ring a Bell

Abby Elliott is making her return in the third season of “The Bear,” reprising her role as Sugar Berzatto, the straightforward sister of Carmy. The 37-year-old actress comes from a lineage deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Her grandfather, the beloved radio comedian Bob Elliot, and her father, Chris Elliott, have both left significant marks in the world of comedy. Chris, famous for his roles in “Schitt’s Creek,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Scary Movie 2,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “Eagleheart,” has built an illustrious career. Through his marriage to Paula Niedert, a former talent coordinator on “Late Night with David Letterman,” they welcomed their two daughters, Abby in 1987 and Bridey in 1990.

Like her sister Abby, Bridey has pursued a career in acting, appearing in episodes of “Silicon Valley,” “Mosaic,” “Corporate,” and “This Close.” In 2018, the entire Elliott family, including Abby, Bridey, Chris, and Paula, co-starred in the comedy-drama film “Clara’s Ghost,” which was filmed at the family’s home.

Abby shares a close bond with her parents and sister. Interestingly, she has expressed a desire to have her dad appear on “The Bear” someday. In a conversation with People, Abby revealed, “I would love for my dad to be in it in some capacity. That would be really, really fun. I don’t know who he would play. Maybe a disgruntled customer or someone in the family.”

When Abby married television writer Bill Kennedy in 2016, her parents were incredibly supportive. Chris and Paula even hosted the wedding reception at their home in New England. Abby shared with People, “My dad is helping a lot actually. He’s been very involved, it’s really sweet…He’s been very involved in the catering process. A lot of food things that he wanted.”

Over the years, Abby has shared glimpses from her wedding day on social media. In 2019, she posted a touching photo of Chris walking her down the aisle, captioning it, “Happy Birthday Pops. Love you so in this photo, we’re laughing about the three strangers outside the church yelling at us that we look great. It was unsettling!!!!!”

In the previous year, Abby marked her father’s birthday with another heartfelt message. “Happy Birthday Dad! I feel so lucky to be your daughter,” she began. “I like this picture because it wasn’t a holiday or birthday…just an ordinary day where we’re smiling.”

Abby Elliott’s connection to her family extends beyond mere personal bonds; it’s intertwined with their collective experiences in the entertainment industry. As she continues to make her mark with her role in “The Bear,” the support and legacy of her family remain integral to her journey in showbiz.

Source: People