The best 3 friendships made at Marvel

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Years pass and still there is no group of superheroes that can match the mark that the Avengers left in the history of Marvel. Despite the fact that the studio manages to rebuild its franchise after having ended the saga in Avengers: endgame and reap successes like WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier O Loki, where secondary characters became protagonists, the wound is still open for many fans.

It is that, to tell the truth, the tragic final battle where Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) died and the sacrifice of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) so that the group is victorious, were considered unnecessary scenes. However, this was dictated by the directors and Marvel it did not do more than what was already written, thus giving rise to many of its actors to remake their careers outside the franchise.

However, many of the great stars that went through the MCU still have something that unites them: a beautiful friendship. After years of working together and being part of the most famous group of heroes in the world, it was unthinkable that they did not consider themselves family and, in fact, that is what happens. Meet the best friendships that were formed in Marvel.

The best friendships formed at Marvel:

1. Chris Evans y Chris Hemsworth:

Both Chris had already starred in major roles prior to their arrival at Marvel, though never in anything so big. The two new ones, being next to well-known stars and with a youth yet to be explored, this was the arrival of these two actors to the studio.

Chris Evans y Chris Hemsworth. Photo Credits: (Getty)

In fact, it was the anxiety caused by this that brought them together the most: “we shared our anxiety and that made it a little more comforting“Evans said on an American podcast. And despite the distance that the end of the Avengers brought them, their friendship continues to endure.

2. Robert Downey Jr y Tom Holland:

During the films, the Iron Man and Spiderman interpreters are shown as the apprentice and the protector. In Captain America: Civil War it is the first feature film in which Tom Holland appears thanks to the character of Robert Downey Jr recruiting him to fight at his side and that is when this bond begins.

Robert Downey Jr y Tom Holland. Photo Credits: (Getty)

Robert Downey Jr y Tom Holland. Photo Credits: (Getty)

What’s more, such is the chemistry they transmitted that, it is evident, it crossed the screen since they began to spend much more time together in addition to filming. Also, the first time Holland came to cast to be Peter Parker, Downey Jr was the one who received it and shared it with him.

3. Chris Evans y Scarlett Johansson:

Despite Captain America and Black Widow being the most fan-shipped superheroes, the relationship between the actors was never more than friendship. Scarlett and Chris had known each other long before Marvel and, in fact, it was she who convinced him to accept the role that catapulted him to international fame.

Scarlett Johansson y Chris Evans. Photo Credits: (Getty)

Scarlett Johansson y Chris Evans. Photo Credits: (Getty)

It was The Perfect Score in 2004 the first time they met on set and, even though they didn’t share many scenes together, they couldn’t help but hit it off. “Scarlett is one of my oldest friends. It is nice, in our industry, to have someone who understands what you are living“Evans commented at the time and, she was not far behind:”he has a lot of humility and a great sense of humor. It’s as silly and formal as it’s always been”, He snapped, demonstrating the bond that unites them.


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