The best and worst of the Lady Gaga and Adam Driver movie

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Ridley Scott releases his second film of the year with this biopic about one of the most memorable crimes in the fashion industry. The film has a luxurious cast, with figures such as Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

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The first photo that was released from the film.
© Universal PicturesThe first photo that was released from the film.

After four years of absence from the big screen, Ridley Scott He returned to the cinema in 2021 with not one but two films. The first of them was released a few weeks ago and was called The last duel, and the second can be seen from this Thursday. Is about House of Gucci, one of the most anticipated releases of the year, with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga as protagonists.

House of Gucci tells the true story of what was one of the most memorable crimes in the fashion industry. In the 90’s, Patrizia Reggiani hired two criminals to assassinate her husband at the time, Maurizio Gucci, owner of one of the best-known design companies in the world. Reggiani she was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison after being found guilty.

The film stars Adam Driver and Lady Gaga What Gucci marriage, and has many figures in its cast. Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino They are the founding brothers of the brand, Rodolfo Gucci and Aldo Gucci; Jared Leto it is Paolo Gucci, the son of Aldo; and Salma Hayek it is Pina, the seer who ended up associated with Patrizia and convicted of murder. The tape had all the seasonings to become one of the premieres of the year but some missteps left it halfway there.

The most important thing is to highlight the works of Gaga and Driver who with a lot of charisma achieve an excellent job in terms of interpretation and are the best of the film. However, the story does not accompany and even feels rushed, as if there were two stories in one: on the one hand the birth of love (perhaps, the best passage), and on the other, the debacle of romance. Between both moments of the film, a connector seems to be missing that justifies the drastic change in the personality of the protagonists.

The worst of House of Gucci

In a completely rushed account like that of House of Gucci, the worst grade is Jared Leto. The winning actor Oscar by Dallas Buyers Club it seems in another register completely different from the rest of its companions. Thought as a kind of comic relief for the story, it transforms into a caricature of Paolo Gucci that at times becomes unbearable, with a very forced Italian accent that makes him stand out, in a negative way, above the rest.

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