The best animated Batman movie is on HBO Max

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Today, the superhero genre is going through its golden age. Thanks to Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU)These productions that were previously reserved for a smaller group of people, today are of massive scope. For something Avengers: Endgame managed to become the highest grossing film in history, before it Avatar he will regain his position.

On the side of DC, the situation is a bit more complex for live-action from the actuality. Despite having characters that may be more popular, such as Batman and Superman, the formula they applied in el Snyderverse it did not work as well as they would have liked and so they aimed to copy the structure of the MCU, even with filmmakers who were part of the success of Marvel, What Joss Whedon O James Gunn.

For the animation world, the situation is much more favorable to DCprecisely thanks to iconic superheroes like Batman and Superman. For the Dark Knight the merit is even greater: it has what is considered the best animated superhero movie. Is about “Batman: Mask of the Phantom”, which was released in 1993.

The animation was in charge of Bruce Timm. (IMDb)

The story mixes moments in which Batman is already a known superhero in Gotham, with what were his first days as a vigilante and the process he had to go through to achieve respect in the criminal world. The conflict starts from the basis of a masked man who began to assassinate the most important gangsters in the city, while the police, the people and the media believe that the person responsible is Batman, and that he lost his sanity and became more violent.

According to two of the most important pages in terms of qualification, “Batman: Mask of the Phantom” has a more than respectable approval. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an 84% among critics and a staggering 88% thanks to more than 50 thousand comments from the audience. On the side of IMDb, the score in more than 50 thousand opinions is 7.8 out of 10 possible points.

batman ghost mask

Darkness and loss run through the entire history of the feature film. (IMDb)

The other Batman movies on HBO Max

The catalog of HBO Max It is very juicy and in terms of superheroes it stands out. The positive side is that there are not only productions from recent years but you can also find works such as “Batman: Mask of the Phantom”, which is almost thirty years old since its premiere. In total, there are more than fifteen films about the Dark Knight that can be seen with the subscription to this platform.

Batman the animated series

Along with X-Men, “Batman: The Animated Series” is one of the best in the genre. (IMDb)

From the trilogy of Christopher Nolan, perhaps one of the most valued, even the titles directed by Tim Burton, the list of productions is full of proposals for lovers of Batman. At the moment, the great absence in the HBO Max offer is “Batman: The Animated Series”, created by Bruce Timm, responsible for designing the style of “Batman: Mask of the Phantom”. However, on the platform’s networks they already anticipated that it is one of the titles that will disembark soon, but they have not yet defined the exact date.

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