The best apps to know where the fixed and mobile radars of the DGT are

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It’s Friday, July 30. That means several things: To start with, this weekend the change of month occurs, and also from the last fortnight of July to the first of August. A lot of people who are on vacation and the 15/30 days that they caught in July run out, go home; many people who have been caught the 15/30 days of August leave home. At the traffic level, it is one of those weekends in which the DGT takes extreme precautions.

More than 1,600 speed cameras

If you are preparing a trip, and you would like to have at least the radars located in the area where you are going to travel, in this .PDF file that you can download from the DGT you are informed of all and each of the 1,607 radars that DGT is using this summer of 2021, 780 fixed radars and 545 mobile radars.

The PDF tells you the road on which they are located, the direction, if the radar is mobile or fixed. But locating them by hand and putting them on the mobile one by one is absolute tedium, so one option is to activate the DGT’s fixed and mobile speed camera warning on Google Maps. And another to use one of these applications for Android and iOS mobiles:

Apps for traffic and speed cameras

Today, Friday, many will be on vacation in Spain at 3 or 8 in the afternoon today. If you are going to take the car today, tomorrow or the weekend, be it a short trip or a longer trip, here we leave you a series of apps to locate radars, avoid traffic jams on the busiest roads these days and check the status of the roads:

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Via Michelin

One of the best guides to travel throughout Spain, Via Michelin has a free app that does not need a subscription in which we can find Michelin maps, routes with real-time traffic, voice guided GPS and community alerts and all services along your route -restaurants, gas stations, areas of interest.

The app allows calculate your route by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot from your position, your address or that of one of your contacts. And with the community warning, you will receive traffic alerts to be warned in real time. If you drive with position tracking activated on the map, you will be able to see the authorized speed limits, as well as all community incidents and traffic in real time along your journey.

Download Via Michelin for Android

Download Via Michelin for iOS


Practically the traffic app with the most users in the world, unlike others like the DGT that uses its own data, in Waze it is the user community which provides all the data to build the content, sharing traffic and road information in real time to save time, money on gas, and improve commuting for everyone.

You can too actively report accidents, radars, police checks and other risks you see on the road, get road alerts along your route, and find the cheapest gas prices around you shared by the community. In addition, you can add friends, send locations or keep others informed about your arrival time.

Download Waze for Android

Download Waze for iOS

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Racc Infotransit

Sponsored by Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia, this free app without subscriptions informs you in real time of the traffic status, as well as the forecast of this hour by hour. Racc Infotransit also reports any incident occurred, such as closed roads, detours for construction works, gives access to the traffic cameras of the main roads and cities, as well as to all fixed radars in Spain, both urban and interurbans.

It also complements the maps with data from more than 8,000 gas stations with updated prices of fuels and their opening hours to the public, and the information of car parks with their price, capacity, hours and possible discounts for partners.

Bazar Racc Infotransit para Android

Bazar Racc Infotransit para iOS

Via Michelin


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