The best episode? Memes and reactions for episode 8 of What If …? on Disney +

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The eighth chapter arrived on the platform, with a new story that generated great comments from fans on social networks.

The best episode?  Memes and reactions for episode 8 of "What If ...?"  on Disney +.


© Disney+The best episode? Memes and reactions for episode 8 of “What If …?” on Disney +.

New Opening Wednesday for What If…? on the streaming service Disney+ with its 8th episode, which left a huge mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The great protagonist of today was Vision, but not the one we met in the movies. Epic fights, exciting moments and an interesting twist for fans, who expressed themselves on the networks with memes.

The new animated series of the MCU takes the viewer to universes totally different from the conventional reality of the franchise. “What if … Ultron wins?”, the chapter of the day was called, which had the following synopsis: “Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton seek to destroy the killer robot Ultron after a cataclysmic event”.

On Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) we saw how Tony Stark and Bruce Banner used the Mind Stone to create Ultron as a global defense program, but things turn out differently and he becomes a villain. In the movie he lost, but here he manages to carry out his plan to end humanity on Earth, but it was for more: Thanos arrives with the almost complete Infinity Gauntlet, but the antagonist already inside Vision’s body defeats him without problems and becomes a unique power in the universe.

Asgard, Sakaar, Ego, and Xandar are some of the planets it destroyed, serving its main purpose. Nevertheless, everything changes when he hears the narration of El Vigilante and manages to find him, without the observer of various realities being able to understand how he did to find him. The public witnesses an epic fight between the opponents across various worlds, until they are forced to flee and meet Doctor Strange Supreme to ask for his help.

Meanwhile, Black Widow and Hawkeye embark on a quest to find Armin Zola in an attempt to hack Ultron, but their plan fails. It all ends with the villain wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, while there are only two living superheroes and Strange’s companion Vigilante to combat him. Without a doubt, one of the best episodes of the show, and the fans felt it as well.

+ Memes and reactions for episode 8 of What If …?

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