The best friendships formed in Elite

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Like The Money Heist, Elite It became one of the great Spanish successes worldwide. Netflix Original, this series already has four seasons available and, in fact, it has already been renewed for a fifth that will probably be released next year and, as well as the last one published, will have two new actors who will arrive in Las Encinas in, as it turned out, search for revenge.

However, despite the fact that in front of the screen many of the characters face each other, have disputes and even kill each other, outside of it most of the actors of Elite they are great friends. It is that, after years of working together, it is impossible to no longer consider each other as a family and, that is what happens to the interpreters who usually show their affection on the networks.

The best friendships formed in Elite:

Ester Exposito and Danna Paola:

Both actresses played a somewhat controversial duo on the show, but outside of it, they were an unstoppable duo. Despite the age difference (five years), the artists hit it off very well and, more than once, they showed themselves together enjoying the Spanish night, parties, events and even showing that they had a group of friends in common.

Danna Paola and Ester Exposito are great friends. Photo: (Netflix)

However, at present, everything seems to indicate that Danna Paola distanced herself from Expósito since she ended her relationship with Alejandro Speitzer, a great friend of the Mexican artist, who would have taken sides for him. Although, it should be noted that there is no official confirmation from the protagonists about this news.

The new members:

Pol Granch, Martina Cariddi, Carla Díaz and Manu Ríos are the new members of the cast of Elite who set trends in season four. And, in fact, it is now known that, although their characters do not shine for having a great relationship, in real life they reach the point of being able to go on vacation together.

In the first instance, the actors decided to dye their hair in different colors to travel together to Paris. However, now they have taken different directions: while Pol Granch is in Rome, Cariddi, Díaz and Ríos enjoy the summer days in Ibiza.

Boat trips, paradisiacal beaches and days full of parties are a bit of the vacation that the interpreters of the Blanco brothers are showing on social networks. Although, it should be noted that it is not only them, but the group of friends with whom they moved to the Balearic island is immense, so they are more fun every day.


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