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The best images of the strange meteorological phenomenon that unleashed terror in Cuba

Incredible images began to fill the social networks giving account of a meteorological phenomenon rarely seen and that took place in Cuba. At the time of its appearance, it generated fear among the inhabitants of the coast of Cienfuegos, Cuba, but also a huge surprise for those who also decided to record minute by minute.

On October 16, an extravagant natural phenomenon occurred that was perceived with the naked eye in the sky as a rare and dangerous marine tornado was formed that lasted at least ten minutes.

The spectators of this magnificent climatic phenomenon captured each moment with their devices and were able to accurately record the moment in which the enormous funnel with a highly threatening aspect that characterizes waterspouts was formed.

In this sense, through local media, the Meteorological Center of the Caribbean island reported that the trumpet It was located in the sea between Cayo Carenas, Jucaral and Punta Calicito. According to the authorities, the phenomenon did not cause inconveniences in the area, nor were any major damage or injuries or fatalities reported among the residents.

The panic of the Cubans

Users of social networks showed how this tense moment was lived in the bay of Hundred fires. Many of them expressed their fear of the unusual phenomenon and circulated several photographs of the striking moment.

Meanwhile, the specialists of the Cuban Meteorological Center confirmed that this is the eighth report of waterspouts and tornadoes off the coast of Hundred fires during 2021, and although they have not represented any serious threats, they reported that they will be pending their evolution to gather as much detail as possible about their training and carry out the pertinent studies to prepare emergency plans against any overflow that may cause this situation in place.

What is a waterspout?

According to him Cienfuegos de Cuba Provincial Meteorological Center, a Sea trumpet, It is also known as Manga de Agua. They are funnel-shaped clouds that are generated on the surface of the sea and cause intense eddies. They usually occur in places where the winds circulate at high speed, that is, between 100 to 150 kilometers per hour. Generally, they last between 15 and 30 minutes, although some can extend their life up to an hour.

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