The best memes per trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

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The trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home is already a matter of obsession for fans of Marvel. The premiere of the tape is slowly approaching, but there are still no official previews with scenes from the film. Between crossed versions and rumors, fans pass the wait with humor and They fill social networks with funny memes. Check out the best!

Since the beginning of May, the followers of Spider-Man have requested that Marvel deliver the long-awaited trailer for the third film that will have Tom Holland as the protagonist. However, the only official response was a post to troll the fans: they published a container plotted with the graphics of the tape.

From there all kinds of versions followed: since there will be no advance until it will be part of the same premiere. The latest leaks indicate that the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home could arrive on August 1, the date that Spider-Man Day is celebrated around the world.

A Spoiler poll revealed that fans are divided on what they think will happen. 49% believe that it will actually be the first day of next month, while 30% think it will be another day and the 21% It goes along the lines of some rumors and they say that finally there will be no official trailer.

The long wait seemed to end after Loki’s premiere. The Marvel series on Disney + introduced the multiverse and the possibility of it connecting with Spider-Man: No Way Home made the release of the trailer close. Nevertheless, more than a week after the last episode there is still no news.

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The best memes for the delay in the trailer of Spider-Man: No Home

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